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Daniel Cameron Drowned Out By “Boos” At Fancy Farm


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Frankfort, Ky. – This weekend, Daniel Cameron attended Fancy Farm to try to make his case to voters. Instead, he delivered a lackluster speech filled with hateful and extreme rhetoric and void of any vision for Kentucky’s future. Cameron didn’t tell voters about his terrible record on public education, pensions, and Matt Bevin copycatting. A few Republicans on stage distanced themselves from Cameron as well: not only did Ryan Quarles turn down the offer to be Daniel Cameron’s running mate, but he didn’t even stump for him at Fancy Farm

Read more about the record Daniel Cameron is hiding from here:

Herald Leader: Fancy Farm returns as the Beshear vs. Cameron governor’s race takes center stage

Key points:

  • “Beshear bashed Cameron for choosing Sen. Robby Mills, R-Henderson, as his running mate, calling him one of ‘the architects of the sewer bill,’ a pension-reform bill that would have reduced retirement benefits.”
  • “‘He said he was the most frustrated he had ever been, which is exactly how Daniel Cameron felt when the best he could get was Robby Mills,’ Beshear said. ‘I’m told that if you took everyone on Daniel’s LG list that was above Robby Mills and you put them all in a room, you’d have the biggest crowd of the Cameron campaign.’”
  • “At the Graves County Democratic Breakfast on Saturday, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman said Cameron’s campaign had ‘dusted off (former Gov. Matt) Bevin’s playbook to attack teachers.’ ‘That did not work then,’ she said, ‘and it is not going to work now.’”

Kentucky Lantern: Beshear, Cameron face off before a raucous crowd

Key points:

  • “Beshear also criticized Cameron for being ‘willing to lie about a grand jury.’ Cameron’s candidacy has renewed criticism of the attorney general for his investigation into the police killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Police killed Taylor in her apartment in 2020. Cameron’s office did not charge any of the officers, other than one officer for endangerment for shooting into a neighboring apartment. He was acquitted.”
  • “‘This race is the difference between vision and division,’ said Beshear, criticizing his opponents for campaigning to make Kentuckians hate each other. ‘I’m ready to prove that’s a losing strategy.’”