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Daniel Cameron Advances Anti-Public School Agenda With Lt. Governor Pick


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Frankfort, Ky. – Yesterday, a new report highlighting Robby Mills’ terrible record on public education dropped—unsurprising given Daniel Cameron’s own track record on public education. Mills is perhaps best known for not only voting for, but helping lead the charge on Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional “sewer bill” which would have cut teacher pensions. He also voted to give himself a raise instead of our teachers, and sponsored a bill last legislative session to make it harder for teachers to bargain for better working conditions. Cameron and Mills both support diverting public school dollars to unaccountable private schools. 

Read more about Robby Mills’ terrible record on public education here:

American Independent: Meet Robby Mills, the Kentucky GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor

Key Points: 

  • “Kentucky state Sen. Robby Mills, now the Kentucky Republican Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor in 2023, has a well-documented history of attacking teachers and public education.”
  • “In 2023, Mills sponsored a bill that aimed to restrict labor organizations, including teachers unions, from using payroll deductions to collect dues from their members.”
  • “The text of the bill specifically barred all public employers from helping labor organizations to collect dues unless they represented police, firefighters or correctional officers.”
  • “That bill became law over Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto, in which he noted it could negatively impact other sectors in Kentucky, potentially costing transit agencies millions in federal funds by preventing them from complying with federal labor laws.”
  • “In 2018, Mills supported a cut to teachers’ pensions contained in a rider added to a bill that dealt with wastewater services. The legislation would have moved new teachers from a defined-benefits pension plan to one that combined features of pensions and retirement plans, a change Kentucky teachers opposed.”